Save time with our FREE Golf Cart to LSV Part Installation Guide

If you're looking to street legalize your golf cart, this is FREE a mini-course that is a smaller section of our larger course on street legal conversions. This video content is designed to help you with the installation process of doing an LSV conversion to a golf cart.

100% free of charge!

Let's install Street Legal components on your golf cart... together!

This mini-course will teach you how to install all the parts required to make your golf cart street legal. From the voltage reducer to wiring an external LED blinker mirror, we have you covered.

This course is a part of our larger Florida Street Legal Golf Cart Conversion Video Course which was created to simplify the entire legalization process.

If you found this free mini-course helpful please consider enrolling in the full Street Legal Golf Cart course.

Your Street Legal Cart Expert

Paul, the founder of Streetwise Carts, moved to Jacksonville Beach and fell in love with the golf cart lifestyle. He asked some locals about getting his cart plated and heard about how difficult it the process was. Immediately he knew there was an opportunity to help people do this themselves. From this, Streetwise Carts was born.

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The full course includes over 50 step-by-step video lessons to help you master Florida LSV compliance, part installation, trailering and more. Buy once for access forever. We always keep our content up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Answers!

Does this course cover the model of golf cart I own?

The installation videos are all performed on a 2018 EZ-Go RXV. A few of the parts are specific to this model of cart, but many of the parts installed are generic, and can be installed on any golf cart.

What devices can I use to view the videos?

These videos are available to use on a computer, mobile device, or tablet. If you're following along with our instructional videos, you might find a tablet to be the most useful. You will need an internet connection to view the videos. The templates, checklists, and PDFs are meant to be used with a laptop or desktop computer.

Why is this mini-course free?

We hope to deliver so much value for you that you'll feel confident and comfortable enrolling in our full course on street legal conversions.